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Street tactics is a modern, dynamic and practical method of self defense and exercise. It is appropriate for every age, both for men and women, and it is even suitable for children. It is based upon techniques which appear in real situation on the streets. The structure of Street Tactics is influenced by KICK BOXING, KEMPO JUJITSU, CHOI KWANG DO, DEFENDU, ESCAPE, GRAPPLING and AMERICAN SELF DEFENCE.

It is designed to combine the best techniques of the above mentioned martial arts. Its main purpose is to exhibit the simplicity and effectiveness of streettactics.

All the techniques are carefully studied and tested to be 100% effective in our self defense, whenever we might need it and under any circumstances. However, the greatest innovation of street tactics is the training which follows the real scenaria (with or without weapons, with one or more opponents). This kind of practice usually takes place on higher, more experienced levels and it is closely connected with the trainee’s condition. A Street Tactics takes into consideration different needs of self defense of various groups of population, such us members of private security companies, military officers, policemen or law enforcement officers, average citizens, etc.

Street Tactics is officialy authorized as the main training method of self defense of the Cossacks of the Russian Military Forces.